• Ranger (Hunter) – You use your awareness of the natural world to confound your enemies with ranged attacks.
  • Wizard (Bladesinger) – You combine arcane might and martial prowess in age-old eladrin techniques, smiting foes with blade and spell.
  • Wizard (Mage) – You have mastered a school of magic, manipulating energy to reshape the world.


  • Fighter (Knight) – You embody personal honor, pledging to defend the innocent from harm.
  • Paladin (Cavalier) – Your faith, honor, and virtue give you the strength to stand against the encroaching darkness of the world.


  • Cleric (Warpriest) – Combining potent divine prayers with martial prowess, you are a shield of faith.
  • Druid (Sentinel) – Use primal power to shelter allies and defeat those who seek to defile the natural world.


  • Fighter (Slayer) – Your superior defense and weapon skill allow you to deliver devastating attacks.
  • Ranger (Scout) – Wielding dual melee weapons, you dart in and out of combat, striking your foes hard and fast.
  • Rogue (Thief) – Quick reflexes, a sharp wit, and a deadly blade allow you to overcome any challenge.
  • Warlock (Hexblade) – Forging the power of your pact into a deadly weapon, you rely on spells and melee potency in battle.


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