Dragonborn – Descended from dragons, dragonborn are a proud race of warriors.
Drow– The decadent dark elves are a race of beauty and sophistication – too often stained by evil.
Dwarf – The stout dwarves are mountaineers and miners. They are the toughest of the common folk.

Eladrin – Hailing from the Feywild, a realm of verdant magic, the eladrin are masters of arcane power.

Elf – The elves have a deep love of nature, and their accuracy with bow, blade, or spell is unmatched.

Half-elf – Descended from elves and humans, half-elves are said to combine the best features of both.
Halfling – Clever wanderers and explorers, halflings who want to hide from prying eyes are almost impossible to spot.
Half-Orc– Descended of humans and orcs, half-orcs are proud, strong, and agile.
Human – The most ambitious of races, humans count among their number the greatest heroes . . .and the greatest villains.
Tiefling – Tieflings are descended from humans who bargained with infernal powers.


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